New Team Member - Hélio Costa

"Hélio is an example of a winner! Not only in terms of sport, but also a winner in life.

After a health problem, Hélio decided to chart a new course and used sport to follow that path.

Step by step, he started by running 5km, then 10km and over time he increased the distance and the degree of difficulty of the competitions in which he participated, and more recently he reached the level of 281km when completing the Portugal281 Ultramarathon.

In October he went from Chaves to Sagres in the Portugal1001km race where he got 2nd place!

As incredible as these 1001 km seem, what makes us admire Hélio the most was his ability to "throw a punch on the table", act and achieve everything he set out to do, always with a smile on his face. 😉

This is the Helium that serves as an example for many "Helios of this life".

"Owning your story is the bravest thing you'll ever do." - Brené Brown
45 years

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