Nuno Nogueira

Nuno Nogueira / 34 years old / Portugal

"I'm Nuno Nogueira, I've been practicing athletics since I was young, having achieved several results and some titles of relevance at national level.

One of the results that I think is relevant was in the Lisbon marathon in 2011 (national championship) being the 4th classified with the mark of 2h30, being for me a mythical race.

After a long break due to an injury and for reasons of professional stability, I returned to the sport in 2021.
I am a road and cross Duathlon practitioner, I practice athletics and more recently I dedicate myself to Trail. I've done some Trail tests and been well classified, such as:
• 1st Ranked on Duratrail, (19 km's)
• 1st place in the Trail Terras do Lince (25KM's)
• 1st Classified Trail Longo da Lousa (25 Km's)

• 5th Ranked Trails do Pastor (36 km's)

As personal goals I intend to carry out the tests of the national trail circuit trying to achieve the best results.
I also intend to do road tests to beat my personal marks, always wanting better every day.
The future is prosperous, and better every day."

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