Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross Training for Runners

Advantages and disadvantages of cross training for runners.

Benefits ✅

▪ Improve your fitness level. It increases the work capacity of the aerobic threshold as well as the anaerobic threshold, which allows you to run faster and have an increase in muscle efficiency.

▪ Prevent injuries. By changing the motor scheme, you change muscle performance and the muscle groups involved.

▪ Rehabilitation. If you're in the process of recovery, it's a great way to maintain your level of physical fitness and mental activation.

▪ Increase your training volume. Hours, kilometers, elevation gain...

▪ Can be used as active rest.

▪ It breaks the monotony and is motivating.

▪ Enrich your motor skills. By forcing you to learn more sports schemes and patterns. This results in a greater ability to respond to different situations that may arise in competition.

Disadvantages ❌

▪ Possibility of injury. Just as it can be an advantage in preventing injuries, it can also be dangerous at the same time due to the lack of technique in the chosen sports.

▪ Too many complementary activities. If we don't correctly plan the time dedicated to cross training, we can make the mistake of subtracting the hours needed for the race.

▪ Errors in load planning. When we don't master the other activities, as well as when running, we can make the mistake of not getting the volume and intensity right.

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