Three methods to gain greater explosiveness 馃挘

Explosion is one of the facets that we must work on as runners, especially if we like short races, where our body goes to the maximum from start to finish, or challenges with large differences, such as the Vertical Kilometers.

Here are three methods that will help you gain that much-needed explosive spark in the mountains.

鈻笍Do interval sessions twice a week

In addition to continuous running, there is another way to train your endurance, a more anaerobic type of training known as split sessions, that is, spreading the training effort over several parts. This allows us a greater effort in each part of the session, and extra explosiveness for our muscles.

鈻笍Perform plyometric exercises

Plyometric training is essential for mountain runners. The objective is to extrapolate some of the gestures we do in the mountains, such as jumps, landings or turns, and train them individually and externally in specific sessions. With plyometrics we can improve the strength of the lower part of the body, since the movements of the exercises are fast and powerful, which gives us greater strength and speed.

鈻笍Do incline workouts
Running on uneven surfaces is one of the best methods to gain explosiveness, something that has been supported by many studies. As well as increasing your stamina, it gets your muscles used to what the mountains have to offer: up and down slopes in no particular order or shape. Training in mountainous or uneven areas will also help us to improve our VO2max.

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