What is my cadence?

Cadence is the frequency of steps taken in a run.
Just count your steps within 1 minute to find your value.
A very common mistake for beginners is trying to cover too much ground with each step, and if that's the case, you should practice running with faster, shorter steps.
It is practically a consensus among running coaches that maintaining a high cadence (minimum 160 ppm) brings a gain in speed, greater propulsion and less energy expenditure.
Caution: Do not confuse cadence with speed.
An example: if a person runs 5km in 30 minutes, he can do it by taking 4800 steps (160ppm cadence) or 5400 steps (180ppm cadence). But in both cases, she still did the 5km in the same 30 minutes.
In other words, what changes is the number of steps and not the speed.

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