The 5 Commandments for Competing in Duos 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

1️⃣information sharing 📄
I'm sure they both studied the course, read the regulations and all sorts of circumstances surrounding the race. Share it with each other, talk about it before the race starts, between checkpoints, and even while you're running if your heart rate allows it. Inform your partner about the environment, terrain, difficulties of the next kilometers, the location of refueling stations, etc.

2️⃣Trust relationship 🤝
When they are running together they certainly trust each other. If you feel bad, say so. If you need to slow down, say so. Do not suffer in silence because you think you will harm the team. If you trust your partner, talk to him. Two brains can think more than one and come up with more solutions.

3️⃣send the slow pace 🐢
When running in pairs, the slower pace prevails. If you're the slowest, don't force yourself to go at a speed you can't handle for a long time. If you're the fastest, adapt to your partner's pace, slow down when he needs to and don't make him feel like a burden.

4️⃣consensual decisions 🗣
They will probably be competing in a multi-stage race. They will have to make decisions all the time: during the race, before the start, at the fuel stations, when it is time to rest, to recover, etc. Agree on decisions and don't force anything. IT IS It is important to be generous with your partner.

5️⃣play psychologists 👨‍⚕️
Stand by each other in the face of any adversity. The fastest of the pair does not always have the best performance. There are moments and moments. A blister, a sprain, an upset stomach, poor fatigue management or any other situation can turn your run into a nightmare, even if you are at a higher level than your partner. IT IS when you have to act as a psychologist, transmitting positivism, strength and confidence. Remind yourself of difficult times that have passed in the past or use your humor, a formula that always works. At the end of the day, it will be another unique experience that they will hardly forget.

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