The power of the mind! 馃

Those who control it are at an advantage over other athletes of similar training, talent and preparation. There are tricks that will allow you to make the most of hard work and natural talent.

鈻笍Divide and conquer!
The idea of finishing 100km can seem daunting at first. Divide your objective. You're not going to run a 100km race, you run ten 10km races. During the first 10km, you can focus on reviewing your technique: cadence, stride, balance, stance, etc.
In the next 10km you can dedicate them to feeling the surroundings: smells, landscapes, sensations, your strength, temperature etc.
And so on until you complete all the themes.

鈻笍Thinking is free, both negative and positive.
"What am I doing here???". Negative thoughts or even when you verbalize that you are tired and that you can't continue, will greatly impair your focus.
Ambition, determination, the ability to suffer are not just a matter of physical preparation.
A motivating internal language is needed, with strong, decisive and powerful words.
If you don't practice mental exercises in training, you won't have that habit in evidence.

鈻笍The real reason!
Never lose sight of your goal. It's not just about crossing the finish line, it's about overcoming, testing your limits, valuing your racing partners who fight for the same thing as you, having physical sensations you've never experienced before, and remembering the values that sport teaches you, such as your ability to resist exhaustion and discipline.
It is important that you always remember the real reason you are there!

You will have many hours to think. And despite the fact that you try to divide the race into sections, there will always be moments when your mind will fly. Let go, enjoy this battle. Concentration consists of focusing your attention on something and trying to ignore everything that can disturb you: the difficulty of the path, tiredness or any discomfort.
Fantasize about your surroundings and anything that might be helpful to keep you focused and away from negative thoughts.

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