Sports Massage: Fancy or Necessity?

Concepts such as training, nutrition and equipment are always on the minds of runners but there are other aspects that don't get the attention they deserve.

One is massage, which many runners think is only for professional athletes. Sports massage can be used by anyone who practices sports, regardless of their level.

All of us runners make great demands on our bodies. Our fibers are subject to great stress, which can cause muscle contractions or micro-ruptures. From there our muscular capacity decreases, as well as our performance.

We have to take care of this aspect just as we take care of our diet and rest.
Here are some of the benefits:
▪️ Combats muscle fatigue;
▪️ Optimizes muscle performance;
▪️ Increases muscle oxygenation;
▪️ Stimulates blood circulation;

▪️ Accelerates recovery from injuries.

The question many athletes ask: "Should it be done before or after competing?". The truth is that both options are valid.

Before a competition, the ideal would be a shorter massage without causing excessive pain. At least two sessions are recommended (although more are better) during the month before the race. With these sessions we will increase our muscle tone, stimulate the muscles, strengthen blood circulation and eliminate the toxins produced due to the accumulation of kilometers. In addition, we will delay the onset of fatigue during the race and reduce the risk of injury.

On the other hand, if we opt for a massage after competing, we must be aware that it will be a little longer, deeper and more painful, because after a more demanding sporting activity our fibers are more fragile. We will also need several sessions and the benefits we will obtain are many: Muscle relaxation; Lactate reduction; Prevention of muscle spasms etc.

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