5 Benefits to exercise the Core ⚙️

Their strategic location in our body, on the axis of the body, makes them very important for numerous functions, especially in sports activities such as mountain running.

So, as runners, core exercise gives us these great benefits:

→ It helps us to improve our running posture.

Our spine will be straighter and this will help us to get the correct position when running, especially when facing uphill slopes.

→ It's a great way to prevent injuries.

Core reinforcement prevents muscle imbalances and helps our structure to be more balanced.

→ Improves balance.

Our central core helps the spine and pelvis to stabilize, so our body will respond better to situations of imbalance.

→ Helps us breathe better.

The diaphragm is one of the muscles belonging to the Core and, as you know, the main protagonist of breathing. Another point in our favor that will help us improve our performance.

→ Improves our running technique. If the core muscles are properly strengthened, we will help everyone to perform their function and we don't have to "delegate" to other stronger muscles.

This way we will get a better running technique.

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