Bruno Maia / 46 years old / Portugal

"After Cycling and Triathlon, where I fulfilled the dream of doing an Ironman and after a few years dedicated to road racing, I tried Trail Running.

The Palmela Trail was the first race and I have never stopped since. Over time, I was increasingly raising the bar in terms of distance, personal overcoming led me to believe that I could produce worthwhile results.
My first Ultra Trail was in Monsaraz 43 km where I managed to get 6th overall and 2nd place.

From then on it was a climb in the races until I reached what was a dream come true for me, winning the PT281+ Ultramarathon in 2021.

I also did the longest Ultramarathon in Portugal, the ALUT where I got 7th place overall.
For 2022 I aim for a Top 3 on the national Trail Endurance XL circuit, with the following races already on the calendar:

Sicó Trail 111 miles
TransPeneda Gerês 100 miles
Estrela Açor 180km

Still doing some shorter races in between and a 24-hour race."

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