Chronicle of Athlete Bruno Maia - 111 Terras de Sicó Miles

Athlete Chronicle Bruno Maia last February in the 111 Miles race @terras_de_sico!

"It all boils down to 2 Flasks only with isotonic and without water for about 20km (Ansiao - Alvaiázere) to have compromised the entire race.
A brutal bad mood that made me consider giving up, but with my daughter Lara Maia's words on the phone and the supportive voices on the ground, it kept me going. In that support base I had to vomit and be under observation in the fire department ambulance, I was stopped for almost 1h30, but there I went towards Abiul, another 26km of suffering, in weakness for not being able to ingest solids and quite weakened there I arrived at the base of support, I had to rest a little more (1h30 again), I could have given up again, it was so easy, but it wasn't going to be the same, and as such I got it into my head that I would finish this epic again, in cruise mode and km by km I finished with 35h38m in 60•general.
It was the bittersweet of the race, I feel that if everything has gone well the classification and the final time would be very different, but I am happy to cross the finish line together with my daughter.
Finally, a word of thanks to all those who supported me locally and from a distance, all the force given was brutal…thank you all very much.
As for the organization of OMDC Events are fantastic, excellent in every way!!!

Now it's time to look forward, because what goes there is already behind."

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